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Are you ready for the week of a lifetime on the absolutely breathtaking turquoise coastline of the Turkish Riviera?

Let us walk you through our boat and show you what life on board a gulet for a week really looks like.

AvaSail tours are a special and memorable experience. Our tours are the perfect combination of like minded travellers coming together to experience Turkish hospitality at its best.  The crew and fellow guests will create a memorable and comfortable atmosphere as you experience spectacular scenery, mouth-watering local food and the most amazing swim stops you will ever find anywhere else in the world.  Our days are filled swimming, relaxing eating and exploring this fascinating region of the Mediterranean.

Life on board an Avasail tour is about having fun, sailing in style, pure relaxation and letting our crew take care of you.  We always have 3-4 crew members whose job is to provide exceptional service for you to have the adventure of a lifetime.  The crew members are an experienced captain, an exclusive onboard chef and 1 or 2 deckhands who do the works on the decks and take care of practically everything.

Our cabins are very comfortable, however in these balmy summer temperatures they may get really hot in those peak of  summer days.  Dont stress ,!!!!!!!!! VICTORIA IS EDITING UP TO HERE remember you and fellow travelers are going to be on a spacios gulet boat in pristine bays at nights.So get ready for outdoor sleeps on the decks. many of our passangers opt for full night sleeping on deck and watching billions of the stars. Join Go Turkey sail now and share those amazing experiences on board with one of our gulet cruises.

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We are so proud of  ourselves on the foods that provided onboard in our Turkey sailinig trips. Meals have a significant role on our sailing Turkey journeys and we are commited to make our delicious Turkish foods with the freshest and finest ingredients by an exclusive chef on board. You will be amazed about the variety and quantity of food that our chef makes in a boat kitchen. Freshly prepared Turkish meals that will make you want more and more especially in our active days on Turkish sailing itineraries. Meals on board always have a great scone on our feedback forms which makes us proud and happy.

The selection of food served on board gives you a better idea about Turkish cuisine is really rich in texture and variety. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So various items are served on breakfast such as ; 3 kinds of cheese, lots of vegetables and fruits,olives, eggs, omlets,sausages jams,honey,chocolate spread and fresh turkish tea and filter coffee. When it comes to lunch we keep a very balanced and healty diet on our sailing tours and we serve great variety of vegetarian foods with a kind of carbs like turkish rice or pasta and of course fresh salads. We always love afternoon teas and coffees with some snacks  Dinner oh my god! It is always the biggest menu after a really busy day we come together around our huge table and enjoy BBQ ,5 different Turkish mezes(dips) salads, fresh sea foods. Remember we can cater for all dietiries. So there will be many vegan and vegetarian options on the menu,too.

Are we done with the food,yet? Ofcourse no! We cannot finish the day without a Turkish dessert or freah seasonal fruits. We hire the best cooks in the industry to make sure our guests enjoy every single meal when sailing Turkey with us. 

If you have any food restrictions, intolarance or alergies, you don’t have to worry about it. Let us know when you are booking our Turkey sailing tour and we will be taking care of you,Turkish cuisine is so quite rich which has something for everyone !

Birthdays on board with Go Turkey sail: we doesnt love a birthday cake? Please give a reason to prepare a nice,delicious birthday cake. Again when you  fill our booking forms for an unforgettable Turkey blue cruise we will automatically know if there is a birthday kid on board and do our best to make it a special day for you or your fellow travelers 

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On Turkey sailing tours, one of the highlights is always getting the chances to sleep outside pleasantly under the twinkling stars.Imagine that you withness that  the sun rises over the mountains The beauty of nature shows itself in every aspects; calm turquoise water,pristine bays green scenery what else would you like in that moment? Even if you sleep in your cabin,you should definitely to try catch sunrises for few times on your Turkey sailing adventure.

while having your breakfast in a pristine bay or while cruising to another amazing destination Sunrises are the best way to start the day.

Washing your face in the morning or falling in to tranquil crystal waters of Mediterranean? What every you do previous day or night, jumping into turquoise waters will recover you. This is what we do everyday when we wake up.


Probably this is one of the highlights and a unique experience in Turkish sailing tours that you will be seeing and visiting many ancient cities and ruins all along The stunningTurkish coastline. Almost  every single stop in our Fethiye-Olympos route offers amazing sightseeings and historical artefects from Lycians,Greeks and Romans.where on earth you can swim along an ancient Roman bath or a Greek temple? Of course in Turkey.

Turkey is one and only country offers this extraordinary experience on blue cruise tours. Our Turkey blue cruise sailing tours will take you back to ancient times. Some of these amazing ruins are St Nicholas church,Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye, a Roman amphitheater in Kaş, Simena Castle, Sunken City of Kekova and many more.

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Ava Sail


Turkey blue cruise holidays are the best with us in hot summer days. And when it is summer first thing comes our mind is ice-cream for sure. In many stops that we are taking on our route will offer famous Turkish ice-cream but imagine you are just in a pristine bay,no establishment around, right in the nature, And you are craving for an ice-cream, just send your positive energy to the world and keep an eye out,there will be an ice cream boat showing up and literally making your day. Yes this happens in many bays in our sailing Turkey tours.

Make sure you always have some cash with you for ice cream when you are on board. They will pull up to the boat with a menu on hand and you can buy your ice cream!

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