Life on Board

Are you ready for a week to remember on the Turquoise Coast?
Let us walk you through our premium gulets to show you what life on board one of our boats for a week really looks like and some of the things you will experience when you travel with us.

AVASAIL tours are the perfect combination of luxury, style, and value for money. The atmosphere on our boats is electric with like-minded travelers coming together to experience the legendary Turkish hospitality in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The climate is just right, the scenery is out of this world and your week will be the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, culture, and fun-filled activities. You will also get to taste the world-famous Turkish cuisine, shop in some of the world's best bazaars and enjoy some exciting nightlife in several stops on our AVASAIL tours.

Life on board with Avasail is all about relaxing, having fun, and letting our experienced crew take care of you. We always have at least 4 crew members whose role is to provide exceptional service for you during your week to remember. Our crew members include an experienced captain, an exclusive chef on board, 1 - 2 deckhands/stewards who do all the work on deck and below in the rooms, and a helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly local tour guide/host.

Our premium cabins are very comfortable, but as you can imagine they can and do get really hot on summer days. Our boats are spacious with a lot of room all over the boat and especially out on the deck and many of our guests opt to sleep out under the stars with nothing but the sound of gentle lapping waves in the pristine bays we are anchored up in. We do have access to air conditioning for approximately 8 hours per day but due to local laws, it can’t run 24/7. All of our stylish, comfortable rooms have spacious ensuite bathrooms.

Ava Sail


We are massively proud of the food that is provided onboard our AVASAIL Turkey sailing trips. Meals have a significant role during our sailing journey and all of our exclusive onboard chefs are committed to making delicious Turkish food with the freshest and finest local ingredients. You will be amazed at the variety and quantity of food that our chef prepares in a boat kitchen. Freshly prepared Turkish meals that will have you going back for more and more. AvaSail Turkish sailing itineraries always receive excellent scores on our feedback forms which, as major foodies, ourselves makes us immensely proud and our tummies happy.

The selection of food served on board gives you a great idea about what daily Turkish cuisine really is all about. It is rich in texture and variety. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A variety of items are served for breakfast such as; a selection of different cheeses, fruit, and vegetables, olives, eggs, omelets, sausages, jams, honey, chocolate spread, alongside ofcourse fresh bread, Turkish tea, and filter coffee. When it comes to lunch we provide a very balanced and healthy diet on our sailing tours and we serve a large variety of delicious and filling vegetarian dishes alongside some carbs which may be Turkish rice or pasta and of course plenty of fresh salads.
We always love afternoon tea time. You will watch in awe as fresh baking is produced for you each afternoon alongside the wafting aromas of freshly brewed coffee. Dinner will have you exclaiming oh my goodness! It is always the biggest menu after a busy day relaxing and adventuring we come together around our huge table and enjoy BBQ, different Turkish mezes(dips), salads, fresh seafood, and plenty of sides to keep you full. Remember we can cater to all dietary requirements. So there will be many vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto options on the menu, too.
Are we done with the food, yet? Of course no! We cannot finish the day without a Turkish dessert or sweet ripe fresh seasonal fruits. We hire the best cooks in the industry to make sure our guests enjoy every single meal when sailing in Turkey with us.
If you have any food restrictions, intolerances, or allergies, you don’t have to worry about it. Let us know when you are booking your Turkey sailing tour and we will take care of everything for you, Turkish cuisine is tasty and extremely diverse so we have something for everyone on our Turkish Gulet Tours!
Let us know if you are celebrating a birthday or any special occasion during your sailing week and we can make sure we get something in for you. We’re thinking birthday cakes and bubbles!!

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On all of our Turkey sailing tours, one of the highlights is getting the chance to sleep outside, very pleasantly, under billions of twinkling stars. Imagine witnessing the sun rising over the mountains while tucked up under a light blanket on a comfy mattress on the top deck of the boat. The beauty of nature shows itself in every aspect; calm turquoise water, pristine bays, clean green scenery, what else would you like at that moment? Even if you chose to sleep inside in your cabin, you should definitely try to catch sunrises a few times on your Turkey sailing adventure. You can always head back to bed once the sun is up and snooze while you're waiting for the breakfast bell to ring!
Enjoying a communal breakfast in a pristine bay or while cruising to another amazing location after watching a simply stunning sunrise is the best way to start your day. Trust Us!
Splashing down into the tranquil crystal waters of the Mediterranean to wash your face and bring your senses to life for the day is another highlight and what we do every day when we wake up. Whatever you do the previous day or night, jumping into these gorgeous turquoise waters will refresh and rejuvenate you and have you ready for the day ahead.


One of our many highlights and a unique experience particular to Turkish sailing tours is the ability to visit many different ancient cities and ruins along the mesmerizing Turkish coastline. Almost every single stop along our Fethiye - Kekova route offers amazing sights to see and historical artifacts from many ancient civilizations such as the Lycians, Greeks, and Romans. Where else on earth can you swim along in the sea above an ancient Roman bath, a Greek temple, or an entire sunken city? Of course, the answer is here in beautiful Turkey.
Turkey is one of the only countries that offer this extraordinary experience on these traditional and much loved Gulet cruise tours. Our Turkey sailing tours will take you back to ancient times. Some of these amazing ruins are St Nicholas church, The Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye, a Roman amphitheater in Kaş, Simena Castle, Sunken City of Kekova, and many more.

Ava Sail
Ava Sail


Turkey sailing holidays are the best all season long but in particular on hot summer days, of which there are many. And when it is summer, one of the first things that come to mind is ice-cream for sure. In many different locations along our route, you will be offered the famous Turkish ice-cream. Turkish dondurma may not be as well known as Italian Gelato but it's just as tasty. Imagine you are alone in a pristine bay, no establishment around, deep in the heart of nature, and you are craving an ice-cream, just send your positive energy out to the world and keep an eye out, there is guaranteed to be an ice cream boat showing up some time and literally making your day. Yes, this actually happens in many of the bays in our sailing Turkey tours.
Make sure you always have a small amount of cash with you for ice cream when you are on board. They will pull up to the boat with a menu in hand and you can buy your ice cream and devour or savor it in the tranquility of the bay you were daydreaming in!


One of our stops on our Turkey sailing tours is the cute little seaside town of Kaş and it is famous for spectacular scuba diving spots. The crystal clear waters in the bays of Kaş are the perfect spot to don your best dive gear and delve into turquoise waters to explore the underwater sea life. There are plenty of diving locations around Kaş fit for all levels of experience. Even if you haven’t done scuba diving before, you can still join this optional activity with an instructor. You can book this activity prior to your cruise adventure however, last-minute bookings are often still available onboard.

Ava Sail
Ava Sail


For adventure seekers on our Turkey sailing tours, you will have many chances to participate in a variety of water sports in numerous bays along the sailing tour. There are water sports teams approaching our boats in the bays while we are relaxing and offering us some great water activities such as banana or doughnut rides as well as water-skiing and wakeboarding. Having a little bargain for your best price is always a good idea! There are various kinds of water sports available around St. Nicholas Island and the Kekova area, especially in Gökkaya bay.


Although our cabins are spacious and comfortable if it's a very hot summer the internal spaces in the boat can get quite hot during those long summer days. One of the most memorable moments can be had sleeping outdoors on the upper decks, on mattresses of course! Our comfortable daytime sun lounging mattresses double as comfy beds at night time. There is nothing better than dozing off in a pristine bay with millions of stars twinkling over your head. Many of our passengers opt for a full night sleeping on deck as Mars, Venus and Jupiter are visible from southwest Turkey in clear weather! Waking to a spectacular sunrise can also be pretty special. You can always crawl into your bed once the sun comes up and wait for that breakfast bell to ring. Our gulets do have air conditioning but due to local laws we cant run them 24/7 but we will have access to them for approximately 8 hours per day when the generator is running.

Ava Sail
Ava Sail


For those people that are interested we play lots of games on board to keep us all entertained, we have decks of cards, and of course Backgammon. Backgammon is a big cultural part of Turkey and you should learn to play it. The captain will always be up for a challenge and will be impressed if you can beat him. We can do quiz nights and interactive games while away the hours and help us get to know our fellow boat mates. Sometimes you may just prefer to curl up on the big couches with a good book and just keep one ear on what everyone else is doing. As we said, there is something for everyone on our Turkey Sailing Tours.


If you haven’t heard of or tasted Gozleme before you arrived in Turkey then you’re in for a treat. Along our sailing route, we will definitely meet some talented cooks who make fresh gözleme on small boats, even in the little bays. Gozleme is a famous snack from Turkey known also as a Turkish pancake which is a golden buttery Turkish flatbread stuffed with all sorts of tasty fillings. There are sweet or savoury versions. It is a great afternoon snack when you feel a little bit hungry. Believe it or not, the best gözleme is available when you are on one of our Turkey sailing tours. Especially at St Nicholas Island, there is a little rowboat that will come to your gulet boat and a lovely old Turkish mama will make the gözleme of your life right in the turquoise water beneath you. Whether you are hungry or not don’t miss this freshly made gozleme.
There are also some other local ladies on little boats making and selling freshly made Turkish Gozleme in other bays. Its always a random surprise as to when they will pop up to our boat but when you see one get one in there. There are various flavours such as banana and chocolate, lemon and honey, potato, cheese, spinach or a mixture of savoury tastes. They are all absolutely truly scrumptious!

Ava Sail
Ava Sail


For those who are keen on fishing during our blue cruise holidays, there are fishing lines and rods available on board. Whenever you wish you can talk to our crew to get them and have a go. You can also get advice from the crew about the best spots for fishing. In the early morning cruising hours, you can also throw a line out from the back of the boat and catch some nice big size bonito fish. Whatever you catch along the way will be cooked by our chef on board and served to you and your fellow travelers for lunch or dinner. We have fishing lines onboard. They are free to use. But if you wish you can also bring your own fishing rods or lines with you.


Every day on a Turkey Sailing Tour with AvaSail, you will have at least 2 -3 different swim stops. There are as many swim stops as there are shades of blue, green, and turquoise in these dazzling waters. Snorkeling is another fun activity on Turkey sailing tours and almost every swim stop offers an amazing underwater world where you can see a lot of small fish and reefs. We have snorkeling equipment on board which is free to use. But you can also bring your own. At each stop, you can jump off the boat as soon as the engine stops and start exploring the rich sea life underneath. Many of the bays we stop at are often visited by sea turtles so make sure you keep an eye on them and get the chance to swim with these lovely creatures.

Ava Sail
Ava Sail


We all know how romantic, inspiring, and relaxing sunsets are. It is a calming, beautiful moment that makes you feel freedom in your soul. It is one of the best ways to finish a beautiful day after sailing along the stunning Turkish coastline. Watching it from our premium gulets makes it even more special. Watch as the sun sets to the west and the water glitters with golds, silvers, and coppers, while the sky erupts with color. Whether you sit on the deck or head ashore as the sun is setting beneath the horizon, enjoy a cold drink, with your camera battery charged, and take as many happy snaps as possible of the beautiful sun setting on a day Turkey sailing


Almost every night our captain is firing up the barbeque for another delicious meal prepared for dinner. Turkish shish kebabs, chicken fillets, lamb kebabs, meatballs, a variety of seafood, and of course lots of grilled vegetables all cooked on our onboard BBQ. It's a great chance to sit around our huge table with your fellow travelers, enjoy the beautiful smells of a BBQ whilst having a chat with your crew. We know everyone loves BBQ so if you want to have a go, head over to the grill and help the captain. The BBQs are placed to the front of the boat and it is the best spot to watch sunsets with a cold drink in hand.
AvaSail tours really are a delight for all the senses. There is something for everyone. If you want to relax, sleep, swim, eat and repeat you’ve come to the right place. If you want to explore the ancient ruins and take part in all the adventure activities you’ve come to the right place. There is a variety of chilled-out nights in bays and a selection of places where you can head out and experience the local nightlife and party until the sun comes up. We guarantee that no matter what you want to achieve from your time on your Turkey Sailing Tour you will have a week to remember and the experience of a lifetime. When the week is up, you will have a happy heart and many fond memories of your time in Turkey and you’ll probably be ready to book again for next summer on a different route perhaps but many of our guests love it so much they return to the same Turkey Sailing Tour year in, year out.
If you have any questions about what your week living the boat life is like on board our gulets then please email us at and we will be happy to give you more details about our Turkey Sailing Tours.

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Ava Sail