Our Premium Gulets

AVASAIL uses traditional Turkish Gulets for our sailing trips. A traditional Turkish Gulet is an extremely comfortable cruising boat with 2 - 3 sailing masts and a powerful motor, perfect for traveling both long and shorter distances.

Turkey has been a world leader in ship design and boat building for hundreds of years. This is not surprising seeing as the country has a vast and beautiful coastline spanning both Europe and Asia. These luxurious gulets were designed to maximize lounging space and to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Turkish mediterranean in comfort and style.

These gorgeous boats are all lovingly handmade from wood by master craftsmen in the local area providing many jobs and opportunities across a number of industries. We like to think of that as a form of sustainable tourism and something we are passionate about.

AVASAIL has access to some of the most comfortable, spacious and well equipped traditional gulets on the mediterranean. All of our spacious cabins are en-suite with a very decent sized bathroom. This ain't no typical boat shower but more what you would expect to see in a nice hotel. Hot water is plentiful throughout your week onboard.

Air conditioning is available during certain hours according to Turkish Law. We must admit it can get pretty hot during a typical Turkish summer and it wont be uncommon for temperatures to reach 40 degrees especially in the peak of summer. You can always cool off in the liquid turquoise gold waters that will be all around you during your week on-board and there is often a nice sea breeze on the top-decks if you’re feeling a little warm. There are both shaded and sunny areas on the boat depending on your preference. We like a bit of both!

We have an experienced personal chef on board catering for our included meals every day and they will be sure to delight your tastebuds at every opportunity. You will look forward to breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner every single day, we are sure about that!! The meals on our boat weeks are often the highlight of the trip and that’s saying something.

Our common areas on the vessel are plentiful and grand. There is a lot of room on the different decks to spread out and relax, chat with your fellow travellers, play a game, read a book, sunbathe, nap or simply gaze out at the stunning views with a cocktail in hand, made by one our helpful and friendly deckhands / barperson extraordinaire.

Rest assured you will be very comfortable during your boat week and is it highly likely you wont want to leave when the time comes.


Ava Sail