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One of the most popular week-long sailing routes along the South West coastline of Turkey. This itinerary is the perfect combination of sightseeing, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, nightlife, and shopping. Fethiye, Gocek, Ekincik, Dalyan Delta, Marmaris, Paradise Island, Tersane bay, Blue Lagoon, St Nicholas Island, and Tarzan bay are the highlights of our sailing trip.
AVA SAIL uses premium Turkish Gulets for our sailing tours. A traditional Turkish Gulet is a motorized cruising boat with 2 - 3 sailing masts, the vessels are designed for leisure use and therefore with maximum comfort in mind.
We have an exclusive chef onboard preparing mouth-watering Turkish food for you, so delicious that you will look forward to breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner every single day. Our meals on our boat weeks are always one of the highlights of the trip which is a huge call.

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Visited Places

Fethiye, Gocek, Ekincik, Dalyan Delta, Marmaris, Paradise Island, Cleopatra bath, Tersane bay, Blue Lagoon, St Nicholas Island, and Tarzan bay


  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Afternoon Tea everyday (coffee, tea, and snacks)
  • 7 nights in an en-suite cabin (twin or double) on a premium motorized cruising gulet
  • Energetic Sailing rep
  • Air-conditioning
  • Snorkelling equipment available to use
  • Music system with speakers
  • Harbour and marina fees
  • Free Water
  • Local qualified captain and crew
  • Free wifi onboard
  • Board games


  • All drinks are sold on board at reasonable prices.
  • Please do not bring your own drinks on board.
  • Optional tours
  • Personal Expenses
  • Gratitude for the Crew

Tour Details

  • Start FETHIYE
  • Days 8 DAYS 7 / NIGHTS
  • Starting Price 659 EUR

Day 1

Our adventure starts in the delightful town of Fethiye. This is where our finely crafted Turkish gulets embark for the week of a lifetime. Today we check onto our vessel where we will meet our fellow passengers and crew. Following a briefing on boat life, we set sail to the beautiful bays of Gocek where the numerous islands and sheltered bays form the gulf of Fethiye. Our first stop will be Yassıca Islands. These islands have subliminal views of the crystal clear water. The bays are shallow and ideal for water sports enthusiasts. After a dip the next bay we visit is named after Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu who was an esteemed master of Turkish literature, art, and painting. In the summer of 1973, during a cruise with his close friends, he drew a fish on a huge rock. Fish Rock is located at the entrance of the blue bay and is still greeting people today. It is a stunning bay with pine and olive trees covering the hills behind the oleander flowers, small beaches, and turquoise waters. We will overnight in this beautiful bay. (B, L, D)

Day 2

Today we arrive at Cleopatra’s Bath or Sunken Bath. The name relates to the submerged ruins of an old Roman bath in the water. According to local stories Cleopatra herself used to holiday here with her lover Marc Antony and bathe in these very waters. That’s a thought to revel in as you soak up the healing waters. Thermal volcanic activity in the hills behind this bay leads to naturally warm hot springs and a crater lake which used to feed the ancient bath.
In the distance through the pine trees is the famous Lycian hiking trail and you might spot some of the Lycian tombs carved in the hills. We are very close to another ancient city known as Lydae where there are numerous Roman and Byzantine ruins of temples, mausoleums, cisterns, and other ancient structures.
We will overnight in Sarsala Bay once home to the governor of Egypt under the Ottoman Empire (B, L, D)


Day 3

The stunning bay of Kumlukbuku is overlooked by the ruins of the ancient settlement of Amos. An acropolis, an amphitheater, a temple, and an altar dedicated to Dionysus are waiting for us to explore. A bit of a hike up to this important historic site will reward those who persist with spectacular views over the bay. The pristine clear waters of the bay offer excellent snorkeling and swimming. The next stop is the beautiful Paradise Island. After swimming and afternoon tea, we are heading to the vibrant city of Marmaris located right across the water. Marmaris is a natural port that has a marina for 800 boats making this resort town a paradise for tourists. Marmaris is one of the most elegant yachting resorts along the Turkish Riviera. Many choices of shops, cafes, and restaurants are nestled along the cute winding narrow streets of the town as well as some of the best nightlife, beach clubs, and bars in the region. (B, L, D)

Day 4

Following what is likely to be a memorable night out in Marmaris we are heading to the unspoiled natural wonder of Ekincik. The 2 km long stretch of unspoiled beach meets a small harbor where the scenery is breathtaking and there are many opportunities to observe the local wildlife. If you sign up for the optional excursion to Dalyan you will be taken from your yacht by a small boat called “piyade”. You will arrive at Turtle beach and take a swim stop here. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the delta as you sail along in the riverboat. We will see the ancient Rock Tombs on our way to the natural mud baths to relax and be rejuvenated. The warm water softens the skin and supposedly eliminates wrinkles due to its rich minerals. Dalyan is an unspoiled village surrounded by pine-clad hills, cotton fields, and miles of untouched coastline. Astonishing rock tombs were carved out of the local cliffs here 2,500 years ago. The ancient city of Kaunos lies here with its ruins dating back to 3000 years. This is also the beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs and have been doing so for centuries. The nesting time is from May till October..(B, L, D) 

Optional tour; River cruise Dalyan delta, Visit Kaunos ancient city and Iztuzu beach


Day 5

Agalimani is a secluded and cozy cove where only a few boats can set anchor at one time. There is a small white sandy beach where you can swim ashore and then sunbathe with plenty of privacy. Take a snooze right on the beach or hike to the nearby ruins. Hiking up the slopes will also give you a stunning view of the entire cove. The next stop will be the vibrant town and yachting paradise called Gocek. After docking in the harbor you can enjoy an afternoon in this small but very cute local town with lots of shops, cafes, and cocktail bars. In the afternoon we are heading to another swim stop called Domuz island. This is a popular stopover to relax in the tranquil waters. Once upon a time, there were a lot of wild pigs here that’s why the island was named Domuz (Pork) Island. Tonight, another delicious dinner awaits followed by relaxing evening playing games or simply staring up at the stars (B, L, D)

Optional tour; Scuba diving in Fethiye Gulf

Day 6

Tersane Islands (Shipyard Islands) are the largest in the Gulf of Fethiye. A deep, 100m long channel provides entry into these islands. The water in this area is stunning and a deep crystal blue, often you will see many fish swimming along beside you. After a swim stop, we will head to the majestic Oludeniz; Blue Lagoon. Thousands of paragliders jump from this mountain and watching them soar above is incredible. If you want to tick this experience off your bucket list, we can organize a jump from Mount Baba Dag and you can take the ultimate selfie over Eurasia's most photographed water. Following a dip in the most photographed waters of the Mediterranean, we will make our way to the legendary St Nicholas Island. After relaxation stations are maximized you might like to take the highly recommended mini hike up to the lighthouse at the top of St Nicholas Island for a picturesque sunset. (B,L,D)

Optional tour: Paragliding over Blue Lagoon


Day 7

After breakfast and a quick dip in the water around St Nicholas Island, we pull the anchors and head to another beautiful bay in Fethiye called Tarzan bay. On arrival, we can frolic in the crystal-clear turquoise water. No clues for guessing why the bay is named after Tarzan as you swing from the ropes into the sea.! After lunch, allow the sound of the calm sea to forget your worries and recharge your batteries before you get back to the vibrant port town of Fethiye for your last night out where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail at our colorful bar Street. (B, L, D)

Optional tour; Turkish bath

Day 8

Oh no! This morning our gulet cruising adventure on the South Western coast of Turkey comes to an end. Not before enjoying one last breakfast, fare-welling your crew and fellow passengers who have surely become lifelong friends. We trust you have thoroughly enjoyed your week sailing in Turkey with AvaSail (B)


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